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Earl Grey Masala Chai Tea

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EARL GREY MASALA CHAI: Adding a citrusy twist of bergamot to our age-old Masala Chai, which is a blend of strong Assam CTC Black tea and Indian spices that are proven to have health benefits, this will brew a strong citrus, the floral cup that will leave your asking for more. Enjoy it with or without milk, Hot or as Iced tea. 

INGREDIENTS: Assam Black Tea CTC, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Black Pepper enriched with Natural Bergamot extract

BREWING GUIDE: Put one teaspoon (2gms) per cup, pour hot water (200ml), steep it for 3-5 mins, your cup of hot nourishing black tea is ready. Best enjoyed as black liquor tea but you can add milk and sugar to your taste.