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Gift Box
Lemon Tulsi Green Tea
Hibiscus Cinnamon Green Tea
Chamomile Mint Green Tea
Mint Soother Green Tea
Saffron Kashmir Kahwa Green Tea
Darjeeling Detox Green Tea

Pack of 6 Orange Gift Box

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Confused about what to gift this festive season? We bring to you an exciting gift hamper of 6 tea blends that your loved ones will cherish for the goodness they are packed with.

What`s Inside The Box ?

This Gift Box Contains 6 Pack of Products:

  1. Lemon Tulsi Green Tea: A Refreshing Blend of Citrus and Holy Basil for a Delightful and Invigorating Tea Experience.
  2. Hibiscus Cinnamon Green Tea: A Harmonious Blend of Floral Hibiscus and Spicy Cinnamon for a Flavorful and Soothing Tea Infusion.
  3. Chamomile Mint Green Tea: A Calming Fusion of Soothing Chamomile and Refreshing Mint, Creating a Relaxing and Invigorating Tea Blend for Tranquility.
  4. Mint Soother Green Tea: A Cooling and Calming Blend of Mint Leaves, Offering a Refreshing and Relaxing Tea Experience for Mind and Body Rejuvenation.
  5. Saffron Kashmir Kahwa Green Tea : Aromatic blend of green tea & saffron with a touch of Kashmiri spices
  6. Darjeeling Detox Green Tea : Darjeeling's superior quality green tea rich in anti oxidants, blended with finest Indian super foods which helps in detoxification.

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