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benefits of earl grey tea
Earl Grey Masala Black Tea
earl grey tea benefits
earl grey milk tea
Earl Grey Masala Black Tea
Earl Grey Masala Black Tea

Earl Grey Masala Black Tea

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EARL GREY MASALA BLACK TEA: Add a twist to your life with this distinctive blend of Assam black tea, Indian aromatic spices enriched with natural bergamot extract. The floral, sour, and bitter flavor of bergamot blend perfectly with a bold, full-bodied, malty Assam black tea. Best served hot with milk and sugar.

INGREDIENTS: Assam Black Tea, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Black Pepper enriched with Natural Bergamot extract

BREWING GUIDE: Put one teaspoon (2gms) per cup, pour hot water (200ml), steep it for 3-5 mins, your cup of hot nourishing black tea is ready. Best enjoyed as black liquor tea but you can add milk and sugar to your taste..